Celtics vs. Bulls triple overtime game sets cable records for first round NBA playoff game

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from MultiChannel News:

TNT set a cable record for the league’s opening round with its Game 6 coverage of the Boston Celtics-Chicago Bulls series on April 30. The 128-127 triple overtime win by Chicago also gave Comcast SportsNet New England the best rating in the service’s 28-year history, while sister regional Comcast SportsNet Chicago netted its second-highest-rated Bulls game ever.

Nationally, TNT scored a 3.5 U.S. household rating translating into 4.05 million households and 5.35 million viewers, which made the April 30 classic the most-watched first round NBA playoff game in cable television history. Celts-Bulls surpassed TNT’s coverage of the May 4, 2006 game between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers, which averaged 4.97 million viewers, and the “drama” network’s presentation of the May 3, 2007 game between the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors, watched in 3.77 million households on average.

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