Research Rivals Nielsen, comScore, Rentrak, TiVo, TNS Agree To Pool TV Set-Top Data

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Interesting. Not sure where all this goes, but it does sound potentially positive for measurement accuracy.

Of course, unwritten in all this is the obvious conspiracy that your favorite shows, but only those shows, will continue to be undercounted.😉

Some of the TV research industry’s biggest competitors met Thursday in the offices of Nielsen Co.’s New York headquarters and agreed to share data and insights as part of an ad hoc group hoping to answer some key questions surrounding the value and utility of audience data generated by television set-top devices. The competitors, which included Nielsen, comScore, Rentrak, TiVo, and TNS Media Research, each pledged data, insights, and technical support to the initiative, which Havas media unit MPG organized as part of its ongoing series of “Collaborative Alliance” meetings.

much more where that came from at MediaPost 

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