ABC to launch seven new shows in the fall, including a two hour Wednesday comedy block

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Update: ABC full fall 2009 schedule release now posted. The info below posted earlier for the new series was correct.

While the full schedule press release is still a ways away, unless mistakes were made (certainly a possibility) on ABC’s Media site it looks like ABC will be launching seven new series this fall.  I originally had a link to the info, but it looks like ABC has taken it down as of 7:30AM ET.    Based on the information I saw while it was still up, the schedules for the new shows launching in the fall appear to be as follows:

Day Time Show
Tuesday 10pm-11pm The Forgotten
Wednesday 8:00p-8:30p Hank
Wednesday 8:30p-9:00p The Middle
Wednesday 9:00p-9:30p Modern Family
Wednesday 9:30p-10:00p Cougar Town
Wednesday 10pm-11pm Eastwick
Thursday 8pm-9pm Flash Forward

If that holds up it makes for an entirely new Wednesday night line up with Hank, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town making a two hour 8p-10p comedy block, followed by Eastwick.   The drama The Forgotten is slated for Tuesdays at 10pm with Flash Forward scheduled for Thursdays at 8pm.

The Deep End, Happy Town and V are all slated for midseason.

We will post the full ABC schedule press release once it is released.


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