Fox Sweeps Away Competition In Final Week of 2008-9 Season

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Fox, with its two night American Idol finale, swept away the competition in the final week of the 2008-9 broadcast season, taking every major demo category by wide margins.

ABC finished second in the adults 18-34 and 18-49 demos, while CBS was second in average viewers and adults 25-54.

Univision topped both CBS and NBC in adults 18-34 to finish third, it also topped NBC in adults 18-49 to finish fouth. Count on much stronger relative showings by Univision all during the summer.

Tiny Network Smackdown Update! The CW was the victor across the board last week in its tussle with MyNetworkTV, although by smaller than usual margins than in recent weeks.

You can see past week’s broadcast network primetime weekly ratings results here.051809networkweekly

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