CBS Tops Broadcasters With $4.03 Billion In Advertising For 2008-9

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This interesting nugget from a long article chiefly about how CBS isn’t trying anything unusual for next fall like The Ex-List, Moonlight or Viva Laughlin.

No surprise at all that CBS drew the most advertising dollars, but note that Fox programs only 15 prime-time hours to CBS’s 22 hours. On a per prime-time hour basis, Fox nets the most ad money.

Between Sept. 1, 2008, and May 17, 2009, CBS has been able to win more ad dollars than its broadcast-network competitors, according to TNS Media Intelligence. CBS secured about $4.03 billion during that time period, TNS said, while ABC took in about $3.67 billion, NBC lured about $3.02 billion, Fox received about $2.99 billion and the CW took in about $361.9 million.

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