True Blood Leads Weekly US TV Show DVD Sales

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While it’s not a comprehensive list, the weekly DVD sales charts from provide snapshots of which TV show DVDs are hot sellers and an idea of their numbers, typically during their release week and soon afterwards. I’ll do this as a test for a few weeks and look at how interesting it is for our readers.

Our first look at the list finds HBO’s True Blood leading TV shows with a huge first week of over $17 million in sales for the week ending May 24, 2009, and at #4 overall among all DVD sales. Three other TV shows identified, at least somewhat, with cult followings, 24, WWE:Wrestlemania XXV and Friday Night Lights are also in the top 30 DVD sellers for the week.

US TV Show DVD Sales Chart for Week Ending May 24, 2009

Rank Prev. Rank Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
4 (-) True Blood: The Complete First Season 515,877 -.-% 515,877 $17,018,782 $17,018,782 1
7 (-) 24 – Season Seven 276,661 -.-% 276,661 $9,127,046 $9,127,046 1
13 (-) WWE: Wrestlemania XXV – 25th Anniversary 107,611 -.-% 107,611 $2,151,144 $2,151,144 1
16 (-) Friday Night Lights – The Third Season 79,436 -.-% 79,436 $1,508,490 $1,508,490 1


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