Conan Watch: Dave wins most viewers with Palin apology, but Conan hangs on to 18-49 lead

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dave is sorry

The media loves covering itself more than anything else, especially when a little politics are mixed in.  Given all the headlines and obsessive focus the past week about David Letterman’s comments about Sarah Palin’s daughter, you might have gotten the impression that  a Letterman’s  apology would’ve outperformed, say, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.  But, nope, Celebrity did much better than both Late Show and The Tonight Show .

Letterman did have more viewers than Conan (3.9 million vs. 3.2 million) on Monday night, but it still wasn’t enough to dethrone Conan and The Tonight Show among 18-49 year olds where Conan’s 1.3 adults 18-49 rating was still 30% higher than Dave’s 1.0 rating.  But, it’s still progress.  According to James Hibberd, that 30% gap is the smallest it has been since Conan took over hosting duties from Jay Leno.