VH1’s Highly Rated Shows Are Nearly All On Sunday & Monday

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I’m plenty old enough to remember when VH1 was established as the music video channel for old people. Very soon afterwards, I was in its target demo.

Now, like sister channel MTV, it’s no longer programming music videos, but I admit not knowing what any of the shows in its top 20 list are about. VH1 was #31 in average viewership in prime-time last week, and I do find it a little interesting that 18 of its top 20 shows last week were telecast on Sunday and Monday. Highly rated show marathons? Maybe a VH1 fan can enlighten us in the comments.

Top 20 VH1 TV Shows for the Week of  June 8-14, 2009

Rank Program Day Time Avg. Viewers (000)
1 DAISY OF LOVE Sun 09:00P-10:00P 1,306
2 DAISY OF LOVE Sun 10:30P-11:30P 1,218
3 BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 Sun 11:30P-12:00A 1,185
4 DAISY OF LOVE Sun 11:00A-12:00P 1,175
4 CHARM SCHOOL 3 Mon 09:00P-10:00P 1,117
6 NEW YORK GOES TO WORK Mon 10:00P-10:30P 1,078
7 BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 Sun 10:00P-10:30P 1,078
8 BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 Sun 12:00P-12:30P 905
9 CHARM SCHOOL 3 Mon 11:03P-12:02A 861
10 CHARM SCHOOL 3 Mon 11:00A-12:00P 858
11 GOTTIS WAY 2 Mon 10:30P-11:00P 831
12 NEW YORK GOES TO WORK Mon 12:00P-12:30P 706
13 GREASE Wed 07:30P-10:00P 661
14 BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 Mon 07:30P-08:00P 661
15 DAISY OF LOVE Mon 01:00P-02:00P 658
16 NEW YORK GOES TO WORK Mon 12:02A-12:32A 645
17 BROOKE KNOWS BEST 2 Mon 02:00P-02:30P 641
18 CHARM SCHOOL 3 Sun 12:00A-01:00A 636
19 GOTTIS WAY 2 Mon 12:30P-01:00P 630
20 REAL CHANCE OF LOVE Wed 12:33A-01:31A 619

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