Roddick/Federer Wimbledon Final Scores A 4.2 Rating, Falls Short Of Last Year’s Nadal/Federer Final

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I’m surprised with an American in the final that the TV ratings didn’t beat last years. Last year was an epic match, but this year was also really good.

Roger Federer’s epic Wimbledon victory over Andy Roddick Sunday came up a ratings ace for NBC.

The final, in which Federer won a record 15th Grand Slam title, pulled a 4.2/12 overnight rating. Despite the epic fifth set between Federer and Roddick, that is down from last year’s 4.6/12 Rafael Nadal-Federer final.

Last year’s final notwithstanding, it was the highest-rated men’s championship since 2000, when Pete Sampras won his final Wimbledon championship. That match, which was also the last time an American won Wimbledon, delivered a 5.0/14.

via Broadcasting & Cable.

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