Paula Abdul Not Coming Back to American Idol? C’mon, Do We Look Like Idiots?

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Do all American Idol judges now negotiate their salaries in public?

First it was Simon Cowell threatening to not come back, but it turns out he was just looking for $144 million a year.

Now, in Paula Abdul’s own bit of public negotiating in Variety:

Paula Abdul’s new manager says she may not be returning to “American Idol.”

According to a Los Angeles Times report, David Sonenberg says he doesn’t have a proposal for a new contract for Abdul. He says it doesn’t appear she’ll be back.

Who are they kidding? Whatever she can get from Idol, and I’m sure it’s a mighty sum, would be 100x her potential earnings from anything else. Doesn’t bluffing have to have at least a bit of reality to work?

At least Ryan Seacrest’s salary negotiations weren’t leaked until they were finished.

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