Disney Tops Cable Primetime Averages With Wizards Hannah Montana Mashup

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The Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana special helped put Disney Channel on top of the cable primetime viewership averages for the week ending July 19 with 3.308 million average viewers.

Nickelodeon, as usual, took the #1 spot for Total Day cable viewers with an average of 2.471 million. This week it was boosted even higher than usual by the 10th anniversary SpongeBob celebration.

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Prime-time Average Viewers (Live+SD) Week of July 13-19, 2009

Network (000s)
DSNY 3,308
USA 3,181
TNT 2,256
NAN 2,091
FOXN 1,954
ESPN 1,937
TBSC 1,510
FX 1,303
SYFY 1,259
DISC 1,248
HGTV 1,242
FAM 1,224
A&E 1,203
FOOD 1,203
HIST 1,157
LIFE 1,145
TRU 1,068
AMC 1,019
TLC 980
HALL 966

Total Day Average Viewers (Live+SD)

Network (000s)
NICK 2,471
DSNY 2,166
NAN 1,756
USA 1,536
TNT 1,227
ADSM 1,175
FOXN 1,043
TOON 927
TBSC 885
TRU 757
ESPN 757
FOOD 745
FX 735
LIFE 702
DISC 691
A&E 690
HIST 675
HGTV 647
FAM 615
CNN 588

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