Football Dominates Top Sports Shows For First Half of 2009

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Not to anyone’s surprise, football dominates the top of the list of most viewed sports shows for the first half of 2009, as the time period takes into account both the NFL playoffs and the top NCAA bowls.

Here’s the top 20 list, but check out Sports Media Watch for the entire top 50 sports shows of the first half of 2009.

20 most-viewed sports programs on broadcast.
From 12/29/08 – 6/28/09

Rank Date Net Sport Game Viewers
1 Sun., 2/1/09 NBC NFL Super Bowl XLIII, Steelers/Cardinals 98.7 mil
2 Sun., 1/18/09 CBS NFL AFC Championship, Ravens/Steelers 40.6 mil
3 Sun., 1/18/09 FOX NFL NFC Championship, Eagles/Cardinals 38.4 mil
4 Sun., 1/11/09 CBS NFL AFC Divisional Playoff, Chargers/Steelers 34.1 mil
5 Sun., 1/11/09 FOX NFL NFC Divisional Playoff, Eagles/Giants 31.4 mil
6 Sun., 1/4/09 FOX NFL NFC Wild Card, Eagles/Vikings 30.0 mil
7 Sat., 1/3/09 NBC NFL AFC Wild Card, Colts/Chargers 27.8 mil
8 Thu., 1/8/09 FOX NCAAF BCS National Championship, Oklahoma/Florida 26.8 mil
9 Sat., 1/10/09 CBS NFL AFC Divisional Playoff, Ravens/Titans 25.5 mil
10 Sun., 1/4/09 CBS NFL AFC Wild Card, Ravens/Dolphins 23.9 mil
11 Sat., 1/10/09 FOX NFL NFC Divisional Playoff, Cardinals/Panthers 23.8 mil
12 Sat., 1/3/09 NBC NFL NFC Wild Card, Falcons/Cardinals 21.0 mil
13 Thu., 1/1/09 ABC NCAAF Rose Bowl, Penn St./USC 20.6 mil
14 Mon., 4/6/09 CBS NCAAB NCAA Basketball National Championship Game, North Carolina/Michigan State 17.6 mil
15 Mon., 1/5/09 FOX NCAAF Fiesta Bowl, Texas/Ohio State 17.1 mil
16 Sat., 5/2/09 NBC Horse Kentucky Derby, race segment 16.3 mil
17t Thu., 6/11/09 ABC NBA NBA Finals, Lakers/Magic Game 4 16.0 mil
17t Sun., 2/15/09 FOX NASCAR Daytona 500 16.0 mil
19 Sat., 4/4/09 CBS NCAAB NCAA Final Four, Villanova/North Carolina 14.5 mil
20 Sun., 4/12/09 CBS Golf The Masters, final round 14.3 mil
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