America’s Got Talent Tops Broadcast Show Ratings, As Hell’s Kitchen Premiere Challenges

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While Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent again topped the week’s broadcast primetime adults 18-49 ratings, the race got a bit more interesting as the 9pm hour of the 2 hour premiere of Hell’s Kitchen fell just short at #2. The two airings of So You Think You Can Dance were tied for #3 and the 8pm hour of the Hell’s Kitchen premiere was tied for #5 as Fox took 4 of the top 8 spots. ABC’s three summer standouts, The Bachelorette, Dating In The Dark and Wipeout all made the top 20.

The only new CBS shows in the top 20 were the 3 airings of Big Brother, but its repeats did just fine for themselves taking 7 of the top 20 spots.

I’m still dealing with data source problems. Note that the first chart contains age demo RATINGS not VIEWERSHIP, the second chart includes average viewership.  Please continue to excuse the terrible formatting.

Nielsen Top Twenty Show Ratings for adults 18-49 for the week ending July 26, 2009:Rank, Show, (P) = Premiere, (R)= Repeat, (S)=Special, Net, Adults 18-49 Rating

1.         America’s Got Talent-Tuesday                                      NBC    3.4

2.         Hell’s Kitchen Special-7/21 9PM                                  (S)       FOX    3.3

3.         So You Think You Can Dance-Thursday                                  FOX    2.9

3.         So You Think You Can Dance-Wednesday                              FOX    2.9

5.         THE BIG BANG THEORY                                         (R)       CBS     2.8

5.         Hell’s Kitchen                                                               (P)       FOX    2.8

5.         TWO AND A HALF MEN                                         (R)       CBS     2.8

5.         The Bachelorette                                                                      ABC    2.8

9.         America Got Talent-Wednesday 9PM                          NBC    2.5

10.       Dating In The Dark                                                       (P)       ABC    2.4

10.       Wipeout                                                                                   ABC    2.4

12.       America Got Talent-Tuesday 8PM                               (R)       NBC    2.1

12.       BIG BROTHER 11-THURSDAY                                            CBS     2.1

14.       BIG BROTHER 11-SUNDAY                                                CBS     2.0

14.       BIG BROTHER 11-TUESDAY                                               CBS     2.0

14.       CSI: MIAMI                                                                (R)       CBS     2.0

14.       Law And Order: SVU                                                  (R)       NBC    2.0

14.       THE MENTALIST                                                      (R)       CBS     2.0

19.       NCIS                                                                           (R)       CBS     1.8

20.       RULES OF ENGAGEMENT                                      (R)       CBS     1.7

20.       HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER                                  (R)       CBS     1.7

20.       Cops 2                                                                                     FOX    1.7

Each Adults 18-49 rating point equals 1.32 million viewers

Nielsen Top Twenty Shows among all viewers for the week ending July 26, 2009:
Rank, Show, (P) = Premiere, (R)= Repeat, (S)=Special, Net, Persons 2+ (000)

1.         America’s Got Talent-Tuesday                                      NBC    13,748

2.         America Got Talent-Wednesday 9PM                          NBC    11,256

3.         NCIS                                                                           (R)       CBS     9,721

4.         THE MENTALIST                                                      (R)       CBS     9,611

5.         TWO AND A HALF MEN                                         (R)       CBS     9,312

6.         THE BIG BANG THEORY                                         (R)       CBS     8,795

7.         CSI: MIAMI                                                                (R)       CBS     8,521

8.         So You Think You Can Dance-Thursday                                  FOX    8,417

9.         America Got Talent-Tuesday 8PM                               (R)       NBC    8,268

10.       The Bachelorette                                                                      ABC    8,038

11.       CSI                                                                              (R)       CBS     7,808

12.       Law And Order: SVU                                                  (R)       NBC    7,486

13.       So You Think You Can Dance-Wednesday                              FOX    7,360

14.       60 MINUTES                                                              (R)       CBS     7,338

15.       CSI: NY                                                                      (R)       CBS     7,292

16.       Hell’s Kitchen Special-7/21 9PM                                  (S)       FOX    6,948

17.       CRIMINAL MINDS                                                   (R)       CBS     6,535

18.       Wipeout                                                                                   ABC    6,427

19.       BIG BROTHER 11-THURSDAY                                            CBS     6,394

20.       Dating In The Dark                                                       (P)       ABC    6,149

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2009 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

All numbers are Live + SD (live, plus same day DVR viewing)

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