Cartoon Network’s “Brain Rush” and “Destroy Build Destroy” Increase Delivery Of Kids 9-14

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via Cartoon Newtork press release:

As July 2009 comes to a close, Cartoon Network’s two new alternative live-action shows BrainRush (Wed., 8 p.m.) and Destroy Build Destroy (Wed., 8:30 p.m.) both increased their respective average delivery of kids 9-14 and boys 9-14 since their July 15 debut on Wednesday nights.  Monthly average delivery of kids 9-14 improved by 7% for BrainRush (268,000) and by 10% for Destroy Build Destroy (346,000).  Among boys 9-14, average delivery grew by 3% for BrainRush and by 20% for Destroy Build Destroy.  Kids 6-11 delivery also expanded by 6% for Destroy Build Destroy.

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