Warehouse 13 sets records for Syfy when week’s worth of DVR is factored in

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warehouse 13

MediaWeek reports that the July 14, 2009 episode of Warehouse 13 (its second installment) that  the total average viewer numbers increased from 3.41 million live+SD viewing to 4.15 million when the full week of DVR viewing (Live+7) was factored in.  With adults 18-49, an additional 397,000 viewers were added which was growth of 32% more than the Live+SD numbers

The added viewership made the July 14 episode of Warehouse 13 the most-watched non-premiere telecast in the 17-year history of Syfy (née Sci Fi Channel).  More on MediaWeek

A couple of thoughts:

1.) the comments about the show we’ve seen here have been generally postive to mixed, but in fairness we’ve seen comments for four episodes and Live+7 DVR numbers for only two of them.  But we also know that the fourth episode on 7/28 averaged 3.3 million live+SD viewers (vs. the 3.4 million for the 7/14 episode) so the numbers have held up very nicely.

2.) despite all the mocking on the interwebs,  we can’t be very far from a press release trumpeting how successful the rebranding from SciFi to Syfy has been for the network!

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