NBC premieres Community first on Facebook, not Hulu or NBC.com

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Our friend Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee has the details:

NBC posted an early look at the pilot of its upcoming show Community online, but you won’t find it on the network’s site, or even the NBC-owned Hulu. If you want a sneak peek at the new sitcom, you have to become a fan of it on Facebook.

The networks are bound to try out a lot of different promotions to boost audience numbers (and get those upfront ad dollars back up), but this is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First, as noted, NBC isn’t driving traffic to NBC.com or Hulu with this offer.

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This appears (I’m guessing) to be a four-day sneak peak on Facebook, of which, as of this writing, there are 83.5 hours left. With such an approach, I have no doubt it will wind up on NBC.com and Hulu before the broadcast season premiere on September 17.  But I do find it to be an interesting approach.

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