Mad Men attracts most affluent audience on cable

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August 17th, 2009

Lacey Rose has a great article on Forbes that looks at what Mad Men means to AMC:

What's more, the heavily hyped series from The Sopranos writer-producer Matthew Weiner, which HBO, Showtime and others famously passed on, has redefined its formerly moribund host network. Once just another movie channel, AMC is now the buzz-worthy home of critically acclaimed and Emmy-winning fare like Mad Men, follow-up Breaking Bad and the upcoming mini-series remake of The Prisoner. (Though AMC's movies fail to generate the same level of awards or press, they remain an important revenue stream for the network.)

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The article also has a bunch of numbers in it,  and notes that Mad Men has more adult viewers aged 25-54 with household income greater than $100,000 of any show on cable.

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