Supernatural fans, an actual Supernatural promo!

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In the wild and everything.  But here’s the thing.  Unlike the almost-naked cast of The Beautiful Life which CW publicity couldn’t wait to send out in e-mail to everyone on its mailing list, I had to stumble on the Supernatural promo on the Internet (hat tip to Zap2it’s Korbi Ghosh) and didn’t hear a single peep out of the CW publicity team.

Credit where credit is due though, they at least have the time on Twitter to slurp up Michael Ausiello and promote Smallville a little, but if  Smallville fans read through that Twitter stream, I don’t think they are going to feel like the show is getting the promo its fans deserve.

On the other hand, you can’t complain about getting 9 seasons of a show… No e-mail about that either, but at least it’s a little love.

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