Top shows’ rates don’t drop much in Syndicated upfront

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via Broadcasting & Cable:

Top-rated syndicated shows came out strong from this year’s syndication upfront, with costs-per-thousand (CPMs) for syndication’s top tier—such as Oprah,Entertainment Tonight, Two and a Half Men and Family Guy—dropping just 2%-4% compared to last year. Lower-tier shows were down 5%-12%, according to syndication and agency sources. Syndication’s blended CPMs were down 4%-5%.

“This was a flight to quality like I’ve never seen before,” says one syndication executive. “People probably had a really difficult time once they got past their top-tier shows.”

Much like the broadcast and cable networks, syndication’s sales volume was down 10%-20% overall. In 2008, syndication reaped $2.4 billion in upfront sales, a 4.5% increase from 2007. Accordingly, this year’s upfront take should approach $2 billion.

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