CTV moves Defying Gravity to Fridays in Canada, will ABC move it to Saturdays in the US or pull it completely?

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Via TheFutonCritic’s twitter feedDefying Gravity will now air on Fridays in Canada.   The ratings on Sunday on ABC have been realllly bad.  It started out bad, only to get worse.

Some have speculated that it will move to Fridays in the US too, and that’s a possibility although everything, including Ugly Betty and Supernanny reruns on ABC’s Friday lineup has outperformed Defying Gravity on Sunday.

Saturday seem the more logical dumping ground, unfortunately with college football coming back soon, there wouldn’t be room there to air all the remaining episodes on Saturday.

As of ABC’s most recent schedule, Defying Gravity was still on the Sunday lineup through 9/13.  It will be interesting to see what ABC does…

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