HBO’s Bored to Death to premiere first via On-Demand and Internet

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via Broadcasting & Cable:

HBO is making the pilot episode of its new comedy series Bored To Death available on a number of platforms in advance of its Sept. 20 premiere.

The sampling effort will make Bored available via HBO On-Demand, Apple iTunes, Comcast’s and’s video on demand service.

“We are very pleased with the excitement Bored to Death has generated and to capitalize on that buzz, we are looking forward to giving audiences a chance to preview the series prior to its network debut” said Zach Enterlin, VP of advertising and promotion at HBO. “We feel that teaming up with our key online partners and affiliates through HBO On-Demand is a great way for us to allow viewers to discover this hilarious new show.”

This is not a new approach.  Other networks, including HBO competitor Showtime have have done similar launches for going on two years now.

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