Heroes leads TV Show DVD Sales, Supernatural strong for week ending 9/6

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Heroes Season 3

And True Blood still has a bit of bite.

Heroes was the top TV show DVD seller for the week ending September 6, 2009, selling 296,170 units and earning an estimated $11.1 million in revenue its first week.   In unit totals, that’s down from season two’s DVD set which sold 391,899 units and had estimated sales, but because season 3 had a full allotment of episodes versus season two’s strike shortened version, it costs more.  That may have contributed to a decrease in unit sales, but it actually pumped up the revenue figures for this year.   Last year’s first week had less revenue — $9.8 million –even though it sold more units.

Unit sales and revenue were both way up for Supernatural: its fourth season DVD set sold 238,081 units and earned an estimated $8.7 million.  Last year in its first week of release the season three DVD set sold 104,979 units with estimated revenue of $4.1 million.

Two and a Half Men was next best TV show on the list selling 100,493 units with estimated revenue of $2.4 million.

House season 5 racked up another 92,909 units and $3.7 million bringing the two week totals to 344,895 units and $10.5 million.

In its first week of release season five of Desperate Housewives sold 78,085 units with $2.9 million in revenue.   But that’s actually up from season four’s 64,612 units and $2.5 million in revenue in its first week of release this time last year.

In its second week of release, NCIS‘ sixth season sold another 70,537 units and $2.5 million to bring its two week total to 213,261 units and $7.6 million.

The amazing first season DVD success for True Blood continues.  In its 16th week of release it added on another 62,123 units — a 12% increase from week 15, along with another $2.2 million in sales.  Its sixteen week totals are 1.49 million units with estimated revenue of almost $52 million.

Meanwhile, Dexter, Smallville, One Tree Hill and Sons Of Anarchy (which just had a huge ratings uptick in its 2nd season premiere on FX) and Scrubs wind their edge towards the bottom on their way out of the top 30 weekly DVD sales chart kept at the-numbers.com.

Next week (for the week ending 9/13) lots of TV Shows, including Fringe, The Office, and…Get SmartHarpers Island, too.

Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
Heroes – Season Three 296,170 296,170 $11,103,413 $11,103,413 1
Supernatural – The Complete Fourth Season 238,081 238,081 $8,670,910 $8,670,910 1
Two and a Half Men – The Complete Sixth Season 100,493 100,493 $2,360,581 $2,360,581 1
House, M.D. – Season Five 92,909 -63.10% 344,895 $3,702,424 $10,503,526 2
Desperate Housewives – The Complete Fifth Season 78,085 78,085 $2,927,407 $2,927,407 1
NCIS: The Complete Sixth Season 70,537 -50.60% 213,261 $2,503,358 $7,568,633 2
True Blood: The Complete First Season 62,123 11.90% 1,490,665 $2,164,987 $51,938,565 16
Dexter – The Complete Third Season 57,331 -46.10% 461,276 $1,989,386 $11,127,154 3
Smallville: The Complete Eighth Season 55,435 -73.10% 261,776 $2,022,823 $9,552,206 2
One Tree Hill: The Complete Sixth Season 38,943 -68.30% 161,948 $1,401,559 $5,828,509 2
Scrubs: The Complete Eighth Season 34,716 -68.30% 144,299 $902,269 $3,750,331 2
Sons of Anarchy – Season One 31,512 -37.00% 171,732 $1,008,069 $5,493,707 3
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