Warehouse 13 season finale, Tuesday September 22 at 9pm

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Episode plot details and video clip below (if you don’t like ANY spoilers at all, look away NOW!)

Episode #112: “MacPherson”

Written By: Jack Kenny

Directed By: Stephen Surjik

Guest Stars: CCH Pounder, Roger Rees

“MacPherson” is the thrilling action-packed season finale which features guest appearances by CCH Pounder (ER) and Roger Rees (Cheers). MacPherson, after a failed attempt to take Artie’s life, is now selling dangerous artifacts, stolen from the Warehouse shelves, on the black-market. Artie and Leena (Genelle Williams) also suspect there’s a mole in the Warehouse who’s secretly aligned with MacPherson – could it be Claudia? Meanwhile, as the team hunts down MacPherson, they realize too late that his capture is a carefully orchestrated trap to destroy them.

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