ABC Dominates Premiere Week with Upscale High-Income Adults 18-49

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It was a press release very much like this one that was one of the initial inspirations for TVbytheNumbers – how I wish we got top 20 show data for high income homes on a regular basis.  Maybe someday.  Via ABC press release:

ABC Dominates Premiere Week with Upscale High-Income Adults 18-49

ABC Claims 7 of the Top 15 Non-Sports Shows for the New Season

Among Adults 18-49 in Homes with $100k+ Annual Income

“Grey’s” is the No. 1 TV Show Overall, While “Cougar Town,” “FlashForward”

And “Modern Family” Stand as TV’s Top 3 New Shows with Upscale Young Adults

Premiere Week National Audience Demographics:

In addition to winning season premiere week among Adults 18-49 based on Nielsen’s Total U.S. rating, ABC finished as the No. 1 highest-rated network during the first week of the 2009-10 TV Season among key Upscale demographics, leading its competitors by wide margins.

  • Among Adults 18-49 in Homes with $100k+ annual income (All Programming), ABC (3.74 rating) outdelivered No. 2 CBS by 17% (3.21 rating), No. 3 NBC by 21% (3.10 rating) and No. 4 Fox by 34% (2.79 rating). Excluding sports programming, ABC beat its nearest competitor by an even bigger margin of 23% (3.93 vs. 3.20 – CBS).

  • ABC claimed 7 of TV’s Top 15 highest-rated non-sports programs during the season-opening week with high-income young adults, including the No. 1 show overall with “Grey’s Anatomy,” and each of the Top 3 new series with “Cougar Town,” “FlashForward” and “Modern Family.”

Premiere Week Top 15 Non-Sports Programs (9/21/09-9/27/09): “Grey’s Anatomy” (8.43 rating) – No. 1, “House” (6.28) – No. 2, “The Office” (6.23) – No. 3, Desperate Housewives” (5.39) – No. 4, “The Big Bang Theory” (5.36) – No. 5, “Two and a Half Men” (5.23) – No. 6, “Cougar Town” (5.05) – No. 7, “How I Met Your Mother” (5.04) – No. 8, “FlashForward” (4.92) – No. 9, “Amazing Race 15” (4.87) – No. 10, “Modern Family” (4.70) – No. 11, “Family Guy (4.66) – No. 12, “Dancing w/the Stars-9/22” (4.47) – No. 13, “60 Minutes” (4.46) – No. 14 and “Dancing with the Stars” (4.44) – No. 15.

Source: Nielsen Media Research (NAD, Program Ratings for Adults 18-49 in Homes w/$100k+ Annual Income), week of 9/21/09.

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