Worrying Wednesday: Dawn Ostroff, I’m worried!; The Game reruns on BET best Melrose Place

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The CW's Dawn Ostroff

It’s “Worrying Wednesday” but the shows I’m pacing the floor about aren’t much different than last week.  Besides, I didn’t even  need to look at the Renew/Cancel Index to be worried about these results from Tuesday night:

Melrose Place (9pm)
– 1.383 million viewers
– 1.0/2 HH
– 0.7/2 A18-49
– 1.0/3 A18-34
– 1.3/4 W18-34

The Game (10pm)
– 1.455 million viewers
– 1.0/2 HH
– 0.7/2 A18-49
– 1.4/4 W18-34

The Game (10:30pm)
– 1.519 million viewers
– 1.0/2 HH
– 0.8/2 A18-49
– 1.4/4 W18-34

hat tip to our friend “Travis Yanan

So, a show that CW canceled is doing better in reruns on BET, even in the hallowed W18-34 demographic, than an original episode of  Melrose Place on the CW.

Worry amongst yourselves….

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