ALCS Ratings: Angels/Yankees game 4 averages 10.3 million; up 34% from 2008 game 4

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ALCS Angels-Yankees

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Angels/Yankees Clash +19% From 2008

Game 4 of the 2009 AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES posted a 6.7/11 (10.3 million viewers) last night on FOX. In addition to being the highest-rated and most-watched game of the ALCS-to-date, that’s up a hefty +34% over last year’s comparable LCS game on FOX (5.0/8 for PHL-LAD).

The prime-time portion of last night’s game averaged a 6.9/11, good enough to make it FOX’s highest-rated Tuesday night since the MLB All-Star Game in July.
Interest is heating up in NEW YORK as the Yankees close in on their 40th American League pennant. Last night’s game earned a series-high 19.8/30 in Gotham. Hartford was next at a 12.1/19. Los Angeles posted a 10.8/20. Philadelphia broke into the top four for the first time this series, delivering a 10.6/16 as Phillies fans take an increased interest in the AL series with their own team one game away from winning the NL flag.

Game 3 of the American League Championship Series on FOX posted a 4.8/10 (7.3 million viewers) Monday night for a thrilling 11-inning Yankees-Angels game, up a hefty +41% over last year’s comparable NLCS Game 2 which aired on a Friday afternoon, and ranks as the highest-rated and most-watched weekday afternoon LCS game since 2004 (7.0/15, 10.3 mill., Houston @ St. Louis Game #6).
ALCS Game 3 opened at a 1.9/6 (2.5 mill) at 4:10pm, and grew steadily through the telecast swelling to a 9.1/15 (14.6 mill. viewers) at 8 PM ET as the game entered prime time. The prime-time portion (8-8:43pm) averaged a strong 8.2/13 (11.4 million viewers) which was good enough to rank among the top 20 shows of the last seven days.

New York topped all markets with a 17.0/31, peaking at a 23.8/35 from 8:00-8:30.  Hartford was next at a 10.0/18 followed by Boston (8.3/17).  Los Angeles charted a 7.3/19, understandable given the game’s 1:15 local first pitch time.

The first four games of the 2009 Yankees-Angels ALCS is averaging a 5.6/11 (8.8 mill.), a +19% gain over last year’s NLCS on FOX (4.7/8), and first three night games delivered FOX’s highest-rated Friday and Saturday in ten months, and now its highest-rated Tuesday in three months; .

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