Cable Ratings: NeNe wins again, FX’s The League draws less than a million; Jeff Dunham down

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NeNe and the rest of the Atlanta Housewives on Bravo again bested Project Runway on Lifetime.  The premiere of FX’s The League didn’t crack a million, and retentionistas will likely be calling for its immediate cancellation on the grounds that it held less than 75 percent of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s audience. Or perhaps just because it isn’t any good.  I saw the promos and thought, “Man, that looks AWFUL,” but I chalked some of that up to being old.

Jeff Dunham haters will be relieved that last night’s Dunham’s show was down 56 percent from last week’s 5.342 million.

Thursday cable finals via “Travis Yanan” (and for the knuckleheads who still aren’t following him and still asking stuff like “How did RW/RR The Duel do?”, follow him on Twitter and get that information the day after the show airs!

Real Housewives of Atlanta
– 2.805 million viewers
– 1.8/3 HH
– 1.5/4 A18-49

The Jeff Dunham Show
– 2.325 million viewers
– 1.4/2 HH
– 1.0/2 A18-49

– 1.283 million viewers
– 0.9/1 HH
– 0.6/2 A18-49

College Football (7:31pm, 195 minutes)
– 2.259 million viewers
– 1.5/2 HH
– 0.7/2 A18-49

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (31 minutes)
– 1.353 million viewers
– 0.8/1 HH
– 0.8/2 A18-49

The League (10:31pm, 36 minutes)
– 0.994 million viewers
– 0.6/1 HH
– 0.6/2 A18-49

Project Runway
– 3.245 million viewers
– 2.1/3 HH
– 1.4/4 A18-49

Spurs vs Bulls (8:17pm, 153 minutes)
– 1.336 million viewers
– 0.9/1 HH
– 0.5/1 A18-49

Nuggets vs Trailblazer (10:50pm, 175 minutes)
– 1.489 million viewers
– 1.0/2 HH
– 0.7/2 A18-49

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