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November 1st, 2009


Update 11/2/09: due to some problems (see comments) we have turned off the plugin for the time being.

We've recently installed software that will display our site in a modified, faster to load (and we hope improved) format for modern browsers like those used in iPhones, iPod Touches and Android phones, among others. About 2% of our site's visits are currently from iPhones and iPod Touches, and that's likely to increase.

However, there have been a few reports of problems with the new mobile theme. Some users cannot turn the theme off (and view the site as a standard browser would), other users have seen the mobile theme even while using a standard browser (this should be detected automatically).

This software is quite new, and as is typical, it isn't perfect. In fact, I just updated to a newer, and presumably somewhat bug-fixed version at 7:30am Pacific time today.

I wanted this post to both inform people of the changes and collect any feedback or problem reports you might be having. Use the comments in this post for any feedback.

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