Maureen Ryan stopped watching Stargate Universe and she’s not the only one

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By now, kerfuffle between Brad Wright and Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan has been well circulated. Brad Wright could be right that “there are enough viewers and reviewers who think SGU is neither boring, poorly plotted, or sexist to keep us on the air long after ā€œVā€ is just a letter in the alphabet again.

But he could be wrong, too.

The drop off in SGU ratings is perhaps not quite as alarming as White Collar dropping from 5.075 million down to below four million, but there have been consecutive weekly drops for Stargate Universe and Friday it was down to 1.626 million viewers (live+SD). Ā  A week earlier it averaged 1.974 million so that’s still almost an 18% drop week over week…

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