Grey’s Anatomy is number one with adults 18-49 with annual income over $100,000

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greys anatomy

This is from ABC’s weekly press release already posted separately, but it was huge and I wanted to call this blurb out because a.) it’s information we rarely see b.) information the advertisers are probably kinda interested in c.) I’m personally more than kinda interested!

While the trend for FlashForward is down (and very possibly will fall off this list soon) I think you can count on almost any show making that is still making that particular top 20 list near the end of the season to be renewed…

Season to date, ABC is delivering TV’s top-rated series with upscale young adults. ABC claims 7 of the Top 20 highest-rated regular TV series this season among high income Adults 18-49 (in homes w/$100K+ annual income), including the No. 1 series (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and 3 of the Top 4 freshman series (“Modern Family,” “FlashForward” and “Cougar Town”): “Grey’s Anatomy” (9.12 rating) – No. 1, “Desperate Housewives” (6.69) – No. 4, “Private Practice” (5.74) – No. 7, “Modern Family“ (5.00) – No. 11, “Brothers & Sisters” (4.71) – No. 14, “FlashForward” (4.58) – No. 17 and “Cougar Town” (4.53) – No. 19.

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