Is Jon & Kate Plus 8 canceled still?

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TLC is billing next week’s episode as the series finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8.   A month ago, TLC officials said that the show would be ending in mid-to-late November, after originally announcing in September that the show would live on as Kate Plus 8.  But I guess diminishing ratings, an ugly divorce and having to deal with the antics of Jon Gosselin suing the network proved too much.

I think more likely though it’s just promoting next week as the series finale both as a “let the dust settle” move and perhaps in an effort to boost the ratings.

Even ratings that were way, way off the highs still proved to be TLC’s highest-rated show.  What does that mean?  It means like it or not, we have not yet seen the last of the Gosselins.

Update: Jon tempting fate with his kids on ATVs.

Here’s the blurb about tonight’s episodes from TLC along with the note about next week being the show’s series finale.

TONIGHT – 9pm on TLC
JON & KATE PLUS 8 – Back-to-back new episodes

Gymnastics & Baseball – While a lot has changed for the family, Jon and Kate still strive to give each of their children a normal childhood. For the Gosselin kids, it’s time for some sporty fun! Kate enrolls all the kids in gymnastics classes and the tumbling begins and Jon takes the kids to a local minor league baseball game.
Never Before Seen –Kate shares never before seen footage from season 5. The family decides to get passports for a big trip, Kate celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary with the kids, Jon tries to train the dogs and Kate hits the road for her book signing. Viewers get a chance to see what hit the cutting room floor.

NOTE: NEXT MON –  A Special 1-hr SERIES FINALE of Jon and Kate plus 8.

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