House’s “Wilson,” Robert Sean Leonard Swears Off TV After House

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via LA Times Show Tracker

“Not in a million years,” Leonard said when asked whether he’d consider doing another TV show. “Los Angeles is a bleached-out, soulless pit.  I prefer stage work, as an actor. I’m pretty lazy. With theater, you get to the theater at 7:30 and you’re done by 11, and for me that’s nice. Getting up at 4 in the morning and getting home at 7:30 — unless you’re William Randolph Hearst — that’s a little excessive. It’s a long, tedious day for me, but having said that, I’m massively overpaid and over-praised, and it couldn’t be a better gig.”

I loved that soundbite plus I’m wondering if he threw the “having said that” in there as an homage to Curb Your Enthusiasm!

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