TV Ratings Likely 40% Lower With Tiger Woods Out Of Chevron World Challenge Tournament

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tiger woods_to miss tournament
Robert wondered yesterday what the likely TV ratings impact of Tiger Woods missing the Chevron World Challenge tournament would be. Based on the experience from the last two years, one with Tiger, one without, the “Tiger-less” tournament ratings this year are likely to be on par with last year’s 1.2 rating, down nearly 40% from 2007’s 1.9 rating.

Ratings for Woods’s tournament for the last two years demonstrate the impact of his presence. When he did not play last year, the rating for the final round sank from a 1.9 (or 2.6 million viewers) in 2007, when he won the event for the fourth time, to a 1.2 (1.6 million viewers).


Definitely bad news for the sponsors and the Golf Channel and NBC, but if I was Tiger, and guessing what the likely events surrounding his accident were, I’d pursue the same “go silent” strategy that he is. I just don’t see any upside for him going public now.

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