Syfy’s Alice averages 2.454 million for 2 hour pt 1.

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The two hour part one of “Alice” on Syfy on Sunday night from 9p-11p averaged 2.454 million.  Clearly nowhere near the the re-imagined “Oz” miniseries it put on a while back.

It was a case where Bill and I made slightly different predictions about “Alice” and yet were both right.  Bill had remarked (I’ll try to phrase this generously) that he had seen an awful lot of Internet-PR out of Syfy for a show he didn’t think very many people would watch.  I told him it wouldn’t do “Oz”-like numbers, but that it would do OK by Syfy standards.

The truth is, I’m guessing Syfy hoped for a bit more, but it was Syfy’s most-watched programming of the week, topping “Ghost Hunters'” 2.436 million (barely, but still), “Ghost Hunters Academy” (1.635 million) a repeat of “National Treasure” (1.441 million) and “Stargate Universe” (1.34 million — a series low against the “Monk” finale — for those wondering how the encore did at 11pm, it averaged .748 million).

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