American Idol’s Audience Ages, Remains The Current Ratings Monster

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Here’s some American Idol ratings demographic tidbits via Wayne Friedman at MediaDailyNews:

  • Median Viewer Age: Season eight’s median age reaching a 44.2 up from 43.2. This is up 12.3 years from season one, when the median age was 31.9. That’s quite a change, but likely more indicative of American Idol becoming a “mass” phenomena than anything else.
  • Adults 18-49 ratings have fallen by 26% since 2006: Adults 18-49 ratings were down 11% to a 9.1 rating, the lowest ever. 2006 saw the highest 18-49 ratings with a 12.4 average. Of course that 9.1 rating last season still towers over every non-sports show on US television. I think I need to research Idol’s *relative* ratings advantage over the years. That’s another post.
  • Adults 35-64 ratings have been relatively stable: Season eight averaged an 11.3 rating — some 13.5 million average viewers. Down 6% from the year before — one of the groups that was hit the least year-to-year. Past years ratings for 35-64 2005 an 11.0 rating, 2006 a 12.8 rating, 2007 also a 12.8 rating, and in 2008 a 12.0 rating.
  • Other ratings demographics: In season eight, adults 8-34 ratings were down 12% to a 7.4 live-plus-same-day rating. Teens were at a 6.1 rating, down 13% from the year before. Total viewers averaged 24.9 million, down 7% from the year before.

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