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To save people from having to dig around, below is a table of Nielsen ratings data for season 3 of NBC’s Chuck.    A few things to keep in mind:

-The numbers in the table below are the national final ratings, rather than the preliminary fast national overnight ratings we use for our morning overnight reports.

-I will add the Live+7 data in as I see it.  Keep in mind the Live plus seven full week of DVR viewing numbers lag quite a bit.  For example, even if I do see them the same day they are available,  the Live+7 numbers for the Sunday January 10 premiere will not be available until Monday January 25.  The Live+7 numbers for the episode on Monday January 11 will not be available until Monday February 1, etc.

-The episode order and dates listed beyond March 1 are guesses and assume NBC airs the episodes in the order they were made. I’m writing this on January 21, 2010…

-As of this writing (again, January 21) the episode titles for the final five episodes of season 3 are either still to be determined or I just couldn’t find them — I didn’t look too hard and will update the info later.  Also, it could well be that the episode titled past early March are subject to change.

-I included a combined average for the Sunday January 10 premiere mainly because if/when I see the Live+7 averages, for those episodes, it is likely I will only see the detail for the entire two hours, rather than the individual episodes.  That’s the only reason I included a line for the combined average.

Update: some DVR info added.  Note the Live+7 18-49 rating is not viewers in millions, but rather 18-49 data out to two decimal places.  In these cases, since I had the data, I also changed the Live+SD 18-49 ratings to show the rating out to two decimal places.

Chuck Season 3 Ratings:

Date Episode Household Rating/Share Live+SD 18-49 Rating Live+SD Viewers (000) Live+7 18-49 Rating Live+7 Viewers (000)
January 10, 2010 Chuck vs. the Pink Slip 4.2/6 3.0 7,703
January 10, 2010 Chuck vs. the Three Words 4.0/7 2.9 7,197
January 10, 2010 Combined 4.1/7 2.9 7,450
January 11, 2010 Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte 4.3/7 2.6 7,355
January 18, 2010 Chuck vs. Operation Awesome 3.8/6 2.5 6,650
January 25, 2010 Chuck vs. First Class 4.1/6 2.50 6,977 3.04 8,137
February 1, 2010 Chuck vs. the Nacho Sampler 3.9/6 2.44 6,732 2.97 7,818
February 8, 2010 Chuck vs. the Mask 3.9/6 2.23 6,596 2.75 7.790
March 1, 2010 Chuck vs. the Fake Name 4.0/6 2.43 6,701 3.00 7,894
March 8, 2010 Chuck vs. the Beard 3.8/6 2.3 6,367 2.73
March 15, 2010 Chuck vs. the Tic Tac 3.6/6 1.9 5,849
March 22, 2010 Chuck vs. the Final Exam 3.3/5 1.9 5.461 2.46 6,665
March 29, 2010 Chuck vs. the American Hero 3.3/5 2.1 5.679 2.57 6,667
April 5, 2010 Chuck vs. the Other Guy 3.3/5 2.1 5.792 2.61 6.822
April 26, 2010 Chuck vs. the Honeymooners
May 3, 2010 Chuck vs. the Role Models
May 10, 2010 Chuck vs. the Tooth
May 17, 2010 Chuck vs. the Living Dead
May 24, 2010 Chuck vs. the Subway
May 24, 2010 Chuck vs. the Ring: Part 2

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