Gaspin: “Jay Leno Viewers Don’t Care What Conan O’Brien’s Rabid Viewers And Fans Are Saying”

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I too will miss the wonderfully antagonistic quotes flowing like water out of all this late night hubub.

NBC executives do not expect the just-concluded late-night scuffle that has played out so publicly in the media and on late-night programs to permanently damage Jay Leno.

“While a lot of this has been fodder for [the media] I think in the end Jay Leno viewers don’t care what Conan O’Brien’s rabid viewers and fans are saying,” Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment, said during a phone interview Jan. 21.

“I think we are much more aware of it in this industry because it becomes our daily topic. But I don’t think the fan base that Jay has between New York and [Los Angeles] really cares all that much about the inner-workings and the politics of Hollywood.”

read the rest of the interview at  Broadcasting & Cable.

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