47% Of Marketers Surveyed Think NBC Should Have Kept Conan Over Leno

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MediaDailyNews has an item about a survey of 129 advertising and marketing execs over NBC’s late night fracas. Here is the summary of the results.

Who is responsible?

  • NBC Management – 94%
  • Jay Leno – 5%
  • Conan O’Brien – 1%

What was your original reaction to the planned Jay Leno Show?

  • “I didn’t think it would work, but expected NBC to stick with it anyway” – 50%
  • “I thought the new schedule would probably succeed” – 27%
  • “I expected something like this to happen” – 23%

What should NBC have done?

  • Kept Conan O’Brien – 47%
  • Kept Jay Leno – 41%
  • Keep both, by backing down after Conan objected to time slot move – 12%

What did you think about Conan’s response?

  • “It was fully justified in view of NBC’s treatment of him” – 67%
  • “It was understandable, but it made Conan look bad” – 18%
  • “It was unprofessional” – 15%

How will it effect NBC’s late night advertising?

  • It will hurt it – 44%
  • No effect – 37%
  • It will help it – 19% “any publicity is good publicity”
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