Mad World: Jay Leno Appears in Promotion For CBS Late Show Along With Oprah and David Letterman

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More image rehabilitation with Oprah?

I’ll look for the video later (now added below), but the script of the brief promo goes something like this:

Opens with camera on Letterman: “This is the worst Super Bowl Party Ever”

Oprah: “Now Dave, Be Nice”

Leno: “Oh, he’s just saying that because I’m here”

Letterman: (in mock Jay Leno voice): “Oh, he’s just saying that because I’m here.”

Update: good background on the ad from the LA Times (including Leno flying to NY and sneaking into the Ed Sullivan Theater unnoticed in a hoodie, sunglasses and a fake mustache.   Here’s an even more in-depth background from Bill Carter at The New York Times.

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