Syfy Movie Sharktopus Soon to be Real (and Spectacular)?

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SciFi Wire wrote  surprise (and delight) that Syfy is actually moving forward with making Sharktopus.

I wasn’t surprised at all.  In a very lengthy conference call with about 3,400 bloggers late last year, Syfy president Dave Howe spoke of the movie and the concept made him downright giddy.   In fact, in the very long transcript of the long conference call, nothing was more attention grabbing than the potential of Sharktopus so I headlined the transcript:

Transcript of Conference Call with Syfy president Dave Howe: Keep an eye out for “Sharktopus!”

I tip my hat to Karen O’Hara.   When your job is to figure out what should a sharktopus look like and how many mouths it should have you have the best job at Syfy!

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