Reminder: Catch the Premiere of Discovery’s “Life” This Sunday

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Reminder: The visually stunning Life produced by BBC and Discovery premieres in the USA this Sunday* at 8pm with the first two hours of the 11 hour series.  Another two episodes will air next Sunday before moving to one episode a week.   Updated:

March 21, 8PM – Challenges of Life
March 21, 9PM – Reptiles & Amphibians
March 28, 8PM – Mammals
March 28, 9PM – Fish
April 4, 8PM – Birds
April 4 9PM – Creatures of the Deep
April 11, 8PM – Hunters and Hunted
April 11, 9PM – Insects
April 18, 8pm – Plants
April 18, 9pm – Primates
April 18, 10pm – Making of LIFE

I’ve seen the first four episodes and can sum up my review in three words: “Wow! Love it!”.  For a more thorough review check out my friend April MacIntyre’s review at Monsters & Critics.  She also has some conversations with the series’ producers about how they managed some of the amazing cinematography.

You can explore more on the web site that will feature videos & games, an interactive endangered species map, breathtaking photography and much more in the coming weeks. Additionally, Discovery Channel fans can learn all about the #factsoflife by following @LifeonDiscovery on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook at

*Yes,  I know that the series already aired in the UK and Canada.  This is about the US premiere on Discovery.

Here are some video clips…

Cheetahs Hunt Ostrich

Stalk-Eyed Fly

Komodo Dragons Hunt Water Buffalo

Waterfall Toad Leap from Danger

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