DVR TV Viewing Grows 24.9% Year Over Year, Faster Than Internet Video Viewing

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Most sites are highlighting the concurrent TV/Internet usage numbers in the latest Nielsen three screen report out today, but here are some things I find more interesting that you can find in the main report itself:

  • Average time watching timeshifted TV is up 24.9% year over year (an average increase of almost 2 hours per month), but is still quite small overall compared to “traditional” TV viewing.
  • “Watching Video On the Internet” grew 16.4%, slower than timeshifted TV viewing, and from a smaller base.
  • Average time spent in “traditional” TV viewing in the home was up 0.8% year over year. So much for the “the Internet will kill TV” meme.
  • Overall Internet use was down 2% year over year.
  • DVRs in 35% Of US Homes.

A Week in the Life
Weekly Time Spent in Hours:Minutes
By Age Demographic 4Q 2009
K2-11 T12-17 A18-24 A25-34 A35-49 A50-64 A65+ P2+
On Traditional TV 25:17 23:24 26:14 31:58 35:40 42:38 47:21 34:37
Watching Timeshifted TV 1:33 1:15 1:28 2:58 2:44 2:22 1:10 2:04
Using the Internet 0:24 1:21 3:45 5:20 6:35 4:53 2:17 3:56
Watching Video on Internet 0:04 0:15 0:39 0:35 0:33 0:17 0:06 0:22
Mobile Subscribers Watching Video on a Mobile Phone n/a 0:21 0:08 0:06 0:01 <0:01 n/a 0:04
Source: The Nielsen Company
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