Kevin Reilly Who Brought You Two Seasons of “Dollhouse” & Three Seasons of “Fringe” Renewed by Fox

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no, that’s not Kevin Reilly

Fox’s president of entertainment Kevin Reilly has renewed his contract with Fox for three years.  Reilly is responsible for scripted programming and is the man in charge when it comes to pick-ups as well as renewal and cancellation decisions.  He’s been a friend to Fringe,  and Dollhouse, and of course there’s Glee.

Fox’s Kevin Reilly

The yet-to-be-determined fates of Human Target and Lie To Me?  Those are ultimately Mr. Reilly’s call, too.

Reilly was somewhat famously fired  by Jeff Zucker at NBC  and replaced by Ben Silverman.  We know how that worked out.  He who laughs last?

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