Stargate Universe: SGU ratings for Season One Through “Divided”

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The average number of viewers for Friday’s episode of Stargate Universe, “Divided” was  episode was up a bit more than 100,000 viewers, with adults 18-49 again pulling a 0.6.  While up from the first half season  finale and up slightly from the second half of season one’s premiere, otherwise the third-worst numbers of season one.

For anyone keeping score at home, the Merlin episode on Friday  averaged 1.374 million and a 0.4 rating with adults 18-49.

Stargate Universe Season One Nielsen Ratings:

Episode Date HH Rating/Share 18-49 Rating/Share Avg Audience (Millions)
Air Pt 1 + 2 (2 hours) 2-Oct-09 1.5/3 0.9/3 2.346
Air Pt 3 9-Oct-09 1.5/3 1.0/3 2.447
Darkness 16-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.9/3 2.099
Light 23-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.8/3 2.015
Water 30-Oct-09 1.3/2 0.8/2 1.974
Earth 6-Nov-09 1.1/2 0.7/2 1.626
Time 13-Nov-09 1.1/2 0.7/2 1.802
Life 20-Nov-09 1.2/2 0.8/3 1.891
Justice 4-Dec-09 0.9/2 0.5/2 1.340
Space 2-Apr-10 1.0/2 0.6/2 1.486
Divided 9-Apr-10 1.0/2 0.6/2 1.600
Faith 16-Apr-10
Human 23-Apr-10
Lost 30-Apr-10
Incursion Pt1
Incursion Pt2

There are also some Live+7 numbers floating around.  You can see them here courtesy of commenter “JK55”

Nielsen Ratings Data: ©2010 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.  All ratings above Live+SD (live viewing plus same day DVR viewing).

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