Oakland A’s Show Biggest Increase In Local TV Ratings; Boston Red Sox Ratings Are Still Tops

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The start of the baseball season has provided a boost to local baseball TV household ratings in a number of cities as reported by nielsenwire.

Top Local Markets % Increase 4/5 – 4/11/ 2010
Market LOCAL HH RTG % Change
Oakland A’s 1.6 300%
Tampa Bay Rays 5.4 157%
Florida Marlins 3.6 112%
Washington Nationals 0.8 100%
Colorado Rockies 4.7 52%
Cleveland Indians 5.0 39%
New York Yankees 5.8 38%
Philadelphia Phillies 7.2 33%
Detroit Tigers 6.7 22%
SF Giants 3.6 13%
Source: The Nielsen Company

And while they aren’t among the biggest gainers in local TV ratings, the Boston Red Sox still lead the local baseball TV ratings race overall with an 11 household rating.

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