Play Fox Programmer, What’s Your 2010 Fall Schedule?

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April 21st, 2010

Lots of folks like to post their proposed primetime schedules in our comments, and so I thought having a series of posts focused on them might be interesting.

Among the broadcast networks, I think what Fox does next fall is interesting. They've got a 3 hour block of time that went to So You Think You Can Dance last fall. The show's producers have let it be known that they'd rather not do the show in both summer and fall, and the show's definitely back this summer. But might they agree just one more time for a fall run? (since the presumably 3 hour X-Factor comes to Fox in fall 2011).

If those three hours don't go to SYTYCD, or another 3 hour reality show, all bets are off, and your guess is as good as mine. But remember, if you propose putting scripted shows in the SYTYCD slots, please let us know where they go in the spring when American Idol returns.

If I'm Fox,  I'd really rather have SYTYCD stick around just one more fall, but assuming that can't be done, here's my wild guess (we'll all know Fox's schedule on May 17):

Day Fall 2009 Fall 2010
9-10p Lie To Me New drama
8-9p So You Think You Can Dance Two new comedies
9-10p So You Think You Can Dance New drama
8-9p SYTYCD RESULTS Two new comedies
9-10p Glee Glee
9-10p Fringe Fringe
8-8:30p BROTHERS Unscripted Hour
8:30-9p TIL DEATH
9-10p DOLLHOUSE Unscripted Hour
8-8:30p COPS COPS
8:30-9p COPS COPS
9-10p AMERICA'S Most Wanted AMERICA'S Most Wanted
7-8p THE O.T. THE O.T.
8-8:30p Simpsons Simpsons
8:30-9p Cleveland Show Cleveland Show
9-9:30p Family Guy Family Guy
9:30-10p American Dad American Dad

I'd take the best of the two new dramas and put it after House in the spring. I'd keep the two best new comedies and put them in the 7pm Sunday slot after football is over.

If you want to play ABC programmer, go here.

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