Play NBC Programmer, What’s Your 2010 Fall Schedule?

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In the third in a series of “You be the programmer”, take the smoking wreck that is NBC and rebuild its schedule like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

With an empty pit of open hours, NBC will be throwing a lot against the wall to see what sticks, but there is some structure I still expect them to keep. Saturdays will stay repeats or Dateline, Tuesday 8-10 will stay Biggest Loser, I’d expect Thursday 8-10 to be comedies, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the existing ones were moved to another night with new ones added into Thursday, and Fall Sunday’s will, of course, be football. Those 4 hours on Sunday open up in the spring. No guess from me on 2011 Sundays, but fee free to guess yourselves.

I think Parenthood gets moved earlier, to 8 or 9pm. Pretty much the only days for that are Monday or Wednesday, but I’m guessing NBC puts comedies on the other of those nights. I think new dramas get both the post Biggest Loser slot, and the post Office/30 Rock slot on Thursday. Every night in my schedule will have at least one “veteran” show. (We’ll all know NBC’s schedule on May 17):

Day / Time Fall 2009 (announced) Fall 2010
8-9p Heroes Parenthood
9-10p Trauma New drama
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Law & Order
8-9:30p The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser
10-11p The Jay Leno Show New drama
8-9p Parenthood Two comedies (one from Thurs?)
9-10p Law & Order: SVU Two comedies
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Law & Order: SVU
8-8:30p SNL Weekend Update Thursday Community (move to Wed?)
8:30-9p Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation
9-9:30p The Office The Office
9:30-10p Community/30 Rock 30 Rock
10-11p The Jay Leno Show New drama (Law & Order: LA?)
8-9p Law & Order Unscripted hour
9-10p Southland Unscripted hour
10-11p The Jay Leno Show Dateline NBC
8-9p Dateline NBC Dateline NBC or drama repeats
9-10p Trauma (Encores) Drama repeats
10-11p Law & Order:SVU (Encores) Drama repeats
7-8pm Football Night in America Football Night in America
8-11p Sunday Night Football Sunday Night Football

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