Report Card: Broadcast Primetime Freshman Shows

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In its typically rose colored glasses wearing way, industry cheerleader Variety* has a piece today entitled “Rating the TV’s freshman class“, which really rates the survivors of broadcast primetime’s freshman class. Quite the grading on a curve.

I thought today was as good time as any to come up with a win-loss report card for all the broadcast primetime freshman class, even though a number of show’s fates are not 100% known.

The network records noted are (Renewed-Canceled-Unknown).

ABC: (3-5-5)

Although it seems quite possible that ABC will go 4-9 or 3-10, and 0-6 with their new dramas, the Lenopocalypse, plus the relative success of Modern Family has provided them with a startling level of media cover.

Renewed: The Middle, Cougar Town, Modern Family

Canceled (or certain to be): The Deep End, Hank, the forgotten, Eastwick, Flash Forward

Unknown: V, Romantically Challenged, Happy Town, Shark Tank, Food Revolution

CBS: (3-2-1)

Batting at or above .500 with new shows in broadcast primetime is a record Les Moonves can be proud of. And this year it wasn’t all formula, as Undercover Boss surprised almost everyone.

Renewed: The Good Wife, NCIS: LA, Undercover Boss

Canceled (or certain to be): Three Rivers, Miami Medical

Unknown: Accidentally On Purpose

CW: (1-2-3)

Thank goodness for vampires.

Renewed: The Vampire Diaries

Canceled (or certain to be): The Beautiful Life, Melrose Place

Unknown: Life Unexpected, Fly Girls, High Society

Fox: (2-3-1)

Glee’s arguably the most successful new broadcast scripted show, while SoT and Past Life were arguably the least. Such has been Fox’s freshman class.

Renewed: Glee, The Cleveland Show

Canceled (or certain to be): Brothers, Sons of Tucson, Past Life

Unknown: Human Target

NBC: (5-3-0)

You might argue that NBC’s freshman renewals came at ratings levels that would have been cancellations on CBS (and you’d be right), for this scorecard a renewal goes in the win column.

Of course, you might argue that The Jay Leno Show should be counted as 5 cancellations!😉

Renewed: Community, Parenthood, The Marriage Ref, Minute To Win It, Who Do You Think You Are?

Canceled (or certain to be): Trauma, Mercy, The Jay Leno Show

Unknown: None

*awaiting Robert’s comment in defense of Variety in 3, 2, 1…

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