Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” Doing Better than TBS’s “Lopez Tonight” and E!’s “Chelsea Lately”

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Bill already posted the press release about the May schedule for Bravo’s Watch What Happens: Live, but the thing in the release that most caught my eye was this:

For the past three weeks, “Watch What Happens: Live” has surged past TBS’s “Lopez Tonight” and E!’s “Chelsea’s Lately” by double digits in all key averaging 1.16 million total viewers.

I think the word “demographics” is likely missing between “key” and “averaging” and sadly I lack the data to look at those numbers.   They also don’t note that both Lopez Tonight and Chelsea Lately and Watch What Happens: Live are getting killed by Family Guy in key demos (and usually viewers) when its repeats air on Adult Swim.

I’m interested to see whether the Turner-owned Adult Swim will air those Family Guy repeats opposite of Conan O’Brien when he begins his late night cable yack-fest, but compared to the broadcast nets, the late night talk bar is set pretty low on cable.

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