There's No Increase In Friday Broadcast Scripted Hours Fall 2010 vs. 2009

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May 18th, 2010

I'm starting to catch a "yay, the networks are committing to Friday again!" vibe, only it's not really true.  Assuming CBS doesn't cut any scripted hours,  ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC will have the exact same number of scripted original hours in Fall 2010 as 2009 - seven hours.

There are a couple of differences.  One is that the shows on ABC and NBC will be new shows this year  -- Body of Proof and Outlaw - versus last year's Ugly Betty and Law & Order.  The other is that FOX will have two one hour dramas (Human Target and The Good Guys) rather than one drama and two sitcoms.

The PR may be "We think the big star power of Jimmy Smits and Dana Delany will bring in audiences even on Friday," but I can't see Mr. Smits or Ms. Delany being all that thrilled by their time slots.   Other than CBS, none of the networks stuck with it the whole season in 2009-10.  Will 2010-11 any different?

Yes, I know The CW airs an hour of original scripted on Friday with Smallville and some people think they will push Supernatural to Fridays.  We'll find out soon.

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